Giving back

Few days ago it was my birthday and somehow I felt inspired to give back and donate to those charities that personally resonate with me or someone that has an important role in my life. This year, these are the organisations I contributed  15 % of my income and I encourage you to do the same if you want and if you can.

crveni-krstRed Cross of Serbia. I contributed to the program for children help and the program of social inclusion. It is obvious and especially in Serbian society children with special needs or without the home and family need your support. You may not be able to give blood, for example, however, you can entail volunteering time with a charity or donate. Here you can make a donation (see instructions for dinars, EUR, and USD).


wikimediaWikimedia Foundation. Investing in knowledge is the best thing you can do for yourself and others. Wikimedia Foundation is behind Wikipedia – the first online, collaborative, transparent, user-generated, information and knowledge oriented project on the Internet, important for the future of education and that helps (whether you are aware of it or not) to developing your digital literacy skills on the web. See the donation page.



ICAFInternational Child Art Foundation (ICAF). You probably noticed my previous post on ICAF, and soon to be published an article on music and children development. ICAF serves children worldwide, an organisation that employs the arts to build bonds of understanding and creativity and empathy among children around the world. Check out the ways you can support ICAF – here.



alzheimer EUAlzheimer Europe.  This NGO aims at raising awareness of all forms of dementia by creating a common European platform through co-ordination and co-operation between Alzheimer organisations throughout Europe. This is important to me because in my country awareness about dementia is non-existent and this is the area that needs research and development. I believe that you know someone who is diagnosed with dementia, however, this is also the social stigma in many societies. You can help Alzheimer Europe by purchasing some of their publications – here.



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