one of the EFF Pioneer Award winner

Just got email from listserv via, Cory Doctorow quoting:

I have been
honored with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Pioneer Award, which
“recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant and
influential contributions to the development of computer-mediated
communications and to the empowerment of individuals in using computers
and the Internet.” I join the ranks of previous winners, including Tim
Berners-Lee, Mitch Kapor, Jimmy Wales, Bruce Sterling, and Linus
Torvalds. My fellow winners this year are Yochai Benkler and Bruce
Schneier. Talk about exalted company! The awards will be given out at a
ceremony chaired by Marc Cuban, at the Emerging Tech conference in San
Diego later this month. I’m incredibly thankful to EFF for this honor.

Press Release

Congrads. Cory!

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