TWG on Digital Transformation in Education

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This week it was my great pleasure to join an inspiring technical working group of experts and to participate and present at the 11th TWG meeting on Digital Transformation in Learning and Education organized by the ITU and UNICEF.  The presentation was on the progress that my colleagues and yours truly made in the past several months on child online protection guidelines and localization processes in Bhutan, Cambodia, Mongolia, Thailand, and Pakistan. The role and the implementation of the 2020 COP Guidelines are crucial for the development of digital literacy skills and training on a global scale, not only for mitigating cyber risks.

Asia & Pacific TWG on Digital Transformation in Learning and Education

Colleagues from UNICEF and EduHub have updated their progress on children’s online safety related to e-learning and education. and afterwards, the lively discussion followed on practical solutions and best practices on the roles and responsibilities of the IT industry. As this year’s IGF theme is “Resilient Internet for a Shared Sustainable and Common Future”, this technical working group on Digital Transformation in Education is one step forward to collaborative efforts on more resilient ways that our children and youth navigate and learn in a digital realm.

Previously, for reference, I wrote about the IT industry and child online protection practices here on this year’s open panel, and topics of digital transformation, meaningful connectivity and digital skills initiative by the ITU on several places on the site, here, here, here and here.

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