The “Age of Digital Inter­de­pen­den­ce” & Digital Cooperation

On 10/6/2019, the UN High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation launched its report “Age of Digital Inter­de­pen­den­ce”with recommendations where the Basic Internet Foundation, with our DigI project efforts around the word, was an ideal epitome for Global Digital Inclusion and building Internet access around community needs. Read the report here.
Half of the world is still not connected, and our team at the Basic Internet Foundation makes a great effort on projects related to connecting the unconnected. When the report “Age of Digital Inter­de­pen­den­ce”, on digital inclusive future, was published at the Digital Cooperation, UN Secretary-General António Guterres raised the awareness that governments, academia, and the civil sector should work together on digital inclusion and lessening the various forms of the gap.  Our digital inclusion efforts in #SDG3 Health and #SDG4 Education got honoured by the UN High-Level Panel, and thanks to Nikolai Astrup, Minister of digitalization (Norway), Vint Cerf (Google), and the panel members to appreciate that stakeholder collaboration and DigI project “Free access to information for all” is viable. 
On the UN Digital cooperation panel, Jack Ma from the Alibaba group emphasized that we need to find ways to change the education system so our kids can compete with computers, to be more creative, innovative and constructive, and include them in the current ICT for education. This influences the digital literacy life-long skills that will enable them for the workforce, entrepreneurship, and social contribution.
Melinda Gates from the Gates Foundation, stressed out during the UN panel for Digital Cooperation report meeting that 40% of women are less likely to have internet access, and that the other problem is digital literacy, so women need to have the access to the IT capital.
The Foundation machinery is fuled by the concept ‘‘Internet is a human right’’, what makes it essential to contribute for the UN High-Level Panel. Some of the recent contributions was also recommendations report derived from a roundtable discussion compiled most of the crucial players. Read more at the Foundation’s blog here.

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