1. Dominik says:

    I do have a feeling, though, that the sms will go the way of the twitter-sms rather soon. Sadly the carriers still make it very expensive, even for bulk-senders like twitter/brightkite to send sms.

  2. Anders says:

    A great post Danica. I used Brightkite the most when I was backpacking in Finland last summer. As one of my other online friends said: „Brightkite is great for travels!“
    But I think a mashedup services like Brightkite is the one that will survive in the long run, at least that’s my belief.

  3. Danica says:

    Dominik, it seems so. And Twitter is contemplating charging from 2009.

    Thank you, Anders. What concerns me now is that I’d like to receieve replies on my comments/notes

  4. […] to those piking up on my geekiness that I am not addicted to interwebs ::smile:: ). I may read only direct messages from BrightKite friends […]

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