Belgrade Fog, Wiki/media/pedia night and…

Just came after very interesting wikipedians/international wikimedia meeting , here in Belgrade. As the fog outside fell over the city, instead of snow, I jumped into my neighbourhood culture center and missed first speech of great Mr. Oscar Van Dillen, president of Wikimedia Nederland, a self-dependent organization that shares the goals of the Wikimedia Foundation and supports it within the Netherlands. We introduced each other and talked on Wikimedia project as other wikipedians – serbian were debating on some of the issues on wikipedia in Serbian. The issue was that the fog is over Belgrade whole day, and the situation at the airport Nikola Tesla, with delays and not functioning, made some of the guests not to come. Belgrade fog, beside wiki projects, was the most talked subject, as well as, some of the plans within Wikimedia Foundation. Imagine geeks gathering and a gal with a camera (I need new and better camera and space on Flickr!!!) . After local speech, Mr. Van Dillen and I came to the idea that he may hold his speech again ( the one I missed: sorry, but curiousity didn’t kill the cat, and Mr.Van Dillen is very nice man: ), for those who will maybe appear later, due to rearragment of organization and the fog. So, Oscar, gave nice introductory speech and talked on Wikimedia projects, and many other issues that are concerned with vandalism, copyleft, copyright, wiki books, introducing wikimedia projects into schools, universities, after which German colleague put some useful notes. At the end, Ms. Danica Radovanovic gave public conclusion and opinion on subject of speech, as information management professional and researcher in the area of electronic publishing, which closed the meeting for tonight. Expect later, I will upload the videos of Mr.Van Dillens’ speech and some of the photos. Tomorrow I’m off (:

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