Analogue vs Digital is not equal! Offline Weinberger’s discussion

My old professor of world literature had theory on analogue and digital world , even nine years ago when the Internet started to grow and expand. As an active computer consumer, I asked him weather he would prefer to read novel as eBook or in paper form if he had to choose, he would say: “I don’t go with computer in my bed”, denoting that Gutenberg galaxy would never loose its value as well as analogue comparing to digital is not the same, as many people put the equal sign between these two antipodes.

As David Weinberger said “..real world pizza tastes better than virtual food” in the trailer for tomorrow’s session (for those around the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, at Harvard Law School). Weinberger will tomorrow, December 5 at 6:30pm lead an offline discussion on “Is the Web Changing the Nature of Leadership?” as part of his Web of Ideas series in the Berkman Center’s conference room. It will be discussion on how Web “affects our ideas about ourselves and our world”.

Sounds familiar from previous posts on analogue and digital, or better to say versus digital? Matrix world and self-made virtual identities in real life does not exist. And if they do, identities are ego-oriented to their narratives from the virtual life. Once they step out from the same matrix -they are not the image they created, in offline world. You’ll read more about social aspects of web, online interaction and behaviour within social networks in upcoming posts.


  1. Robyn says:

    Danica, quite frankly, I love to go to bed with a book, too! Thanks for a thoughtful post.

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