4 – my home town meme

Seems that tagging and writing memes are popular these days, so I’ve been tagged by Robyn, to write 4 memes on Belgrade, my favourite corners or places, which idea came first from Robert from Middle Zone Musings. This is hard as each corner of the city has its own charm, and those are referred at some extent to me(me).

1. Dorcol, upper side, downtown of Belgrade, near Kalemegdan , near my former Universities, Plato and down to Faculty of Maths, old beautiful streets with it’s own story, all down coming to real Dorcol, its churches and

2. Markets, open lively markets with food and other goods. Someone said that you have to go first to the open market when you visit some city in order to know better the soul of the city and its habitants, people who live there. One of my favourite is Bajloni market, also downtown, market with its own culture. Next to Bajloni is – Bitef Theatre building.

3. Beside cozy small warm caffees and indoor lovely places, one of nice outdoor place to be and enjoy the view is the biggest and the greatest Serbian orthodox temple on Balkans – Saint Sava temple/church. Different view, architecture masterpiece.

4. Plazma keks (special unique kind of bisquit) that every child and adult love. It’s Serbian brand, and wherever I go abroad – I take Plazma keks with me. You can eat it per se, with pancakes and melted chocolate, mix with bananas or make delicious cake from this beurre.

Now I tag 4 people as I would like to know more about their hometowns, 4 memes on their choice, favourite corners, places:

1. Raphaël – Paris

2. Marc – Florida

3. Mirko– Fribourg

4. Alex – San Francisco

Others, who would like to join this ‘4-my home town fact meme’ are welcome to be tagged by me.


  1. Robyn says:

    Hi Danica, I opened all the amazing photos. You are truly a photographer par excellence! If you link back to the original meme at Bob Hruzek’s Middle Zone Musings, he’ll be putting up all the contributions and you’ll get a link from his site if you do. Here’s tha link for that and be sure to pass it on to the folks you tagged: http://middlezonemusings.com/my-home-town-a-new-meme/

    You’re helping to keep this meme very international!

  2. Danica says:

    Thank you Robyn, I wait to get better equipment – and more space: )
    I just linked back Robert’s blog, hope he’ll get pingback.


  3. Hello, Danica, and thanks for pinging me! I’m very excited about the “world tour” this meme has unleashed, and soon I’ll be posting all entries in one place so we can all take the tour! No matter the place, there are amazing things to be seen!

    Thanks for joining us! 🙂

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  5. Brad Shorr says:

    Beautiful pictures! People in the States that have visited Belgrade tell me how wonderful it is. Now I can see why.

  6. Danica says:

    Thank you Robert and Brad: Belgrade is beautiful city for tourists with wonderful culture scene. There will be more photos not only from Belgrade but also Beyond, in the future.

    If sometimes life brings you in this region, do not hesitate to visit Belgrade, you are welcome!

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  8. Mike DeWitt says:

    Hey Danica,

    I want more! This was beautifully written and photographed; it makes me want to visit and see what you’re holding back… 😉


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