100 Wallpaper design magazine covers

I have been raised up, among other magazines that have been around me for years, with Wallpaper : international.design.interiors.fashion.travel. Wallpaper* is with me for the whole decade, when I was into architecture, making things, travelling, fashion, design. I was even recognizing both editions – while in London (UK), or while sitting at the Starbucks / bookstore drinking my ice apricot tea with cinnamon cake and reading the latest US edition. I know maybe sounds silly, but every event or emotion happened with Wallpaper*. Then, in Belgrade happened the best interior designed apartments, friends, overseas subscriptions and my deeper interest for design, interiors, and everything that surround us in everyday life, changing/making items, things, my work around apartment, and favourite architects and designers. Now I read Wallpaper* online.

All great magazines shift, shuffle, find space and re-shape to survive and prosper and Wallpaper* is no exception. Changing tastes, and our own success, are clearly mapped in this gallery of our first 100 covers. From the tentative first steps, back in 1996, through confident camp to the audacious experimental leaps that we have undertaken in the last year, Wallpaper* has always dared to bare, break boundaries and, occasionally, bemuse. We’ve still got it covered.

To see all 100 covers, click here.

Vote for your favourite and be in with a chance to win a set of Wallpaper* City Guides.

Lot of great covers, these are my three favourites, though it’s hard to choose among the great ones.




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