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telekom making troubles

Those people who live in downtown of Belgrade, probably many of them doesn’t have telephone sygnal¬† blame it on Telekom.

Without any pre-information, main thing is that they have new web presentatation and do not care that some of us who work (and use DSL connection), need a phone line. Asking how i type this? Thanks to Nikola Tesla(: and the issue that i cannot use the phone but can (better not to say twice) internet. Fair enough.

society issues

Statistics on unemployment in Serbia shows increasing numbers (is it any wonder?), as I’m preparing to participate in EU Burlesque troupe coming next week.
Paradox is that I’m helping (freelancing again) to some programe of support for the problem of employment in Serbia (someone in Finland had this ‘great idea’) , and idea is supporting unemployed with high school education – which is fine and useful.
But, what shall we do with other thousands of academic unemployed citizens, including old academics who sell antique books and other items at the flea market? Didn’t find any supporting programme for them recently. And maybe there is no need for asking as , many of them, are very far far away from this area, living and working in other surroundings.