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rome film festival – opening ‘the prestige’ on nikola tesla

yesterday, within rome film festival, was premiere of christopher nolan’s film the prestige (drama, sci-fi, triller, fantasy). interesting appearance is david bowie playing serbian inventor, electical engineer and scientist –nikola tesla

    B.A. Behrend, AIEE annual meeting, New York City, May 18, 1917.


    Pamuk won Nobel Literature prize for 2006

    Orhan Pamuk, a political dissident who has often clashed with the establishment, won the 2006 Nobel Literature prize, becoming the first Turk to win the coveted award.Pamuk, author of the book My Name is Red, Snow and half-a-dozen other novels, won the Nobel Literature Prize for a body of work that probes the crossroads of Muslim and Western cultures. Pamuk was the first writer in the Muslim world who has earned plaudits abroad and condemnation at home for speaking openly about the suffering of Armenians at the hands of Turks nearly a century ago.

    As Ivo Andric won Nobel Literature Prize for 1961 for his great novel The Bridge on the Drina and wrote about the conflicts between Serbs and Muslims during the occupation by the Ottoman Empire, it all sems like the history’s repeating…

    flying slides art installation in Tate Modern, London

    Carsten Höller (born 1962 in Brussels and lives&works in Sweden) holds a doctorate in biology, and as a scientist he uses his practice in his work as an artist, concentrating particularly on the nature of human relationships.

    Those who live and are about to go to London, here’s interesting project, current exhibition in Tate Modern Gallery from10 October 2006 – 9 April 2007, under the name : the Unilever series – Carsten Höller. Seems that Brits like (spinning, sliding) tube projects. More on and official photos of ‘slides’ here.

    and more…

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