Divertimento for four seasons

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Danica Radovanović’s book Divertimento for four seasons contains a hundred short stories. Each of the four cycles, named after the seasons, contains 25 stories. It is also interesting that the collection itself was created over the course of 25 years which shows that the author was in no hurry and spent a time with the stories.

The stories themselves show that Danica Radovanović has been hanging out with words for a long time. She is confident in her expression and knows what she wants. And she wants to show us the city life of people of different generations, mostly young people, still mostly unscathed by life, history, and ideologies.

The space of these urban miniatures is a good part of the world – European and American cities. Nevertheless, Belgrade mostly. Protagonists, situations, events change in a dynamic collection… and it extends the narrative dialogue with characters, books, music, travels, places.

The world is an illusion anyway, Danica Radovanović tells us, so it is best to live, travel, observe, remember, write. Write stories, casually and without excessive drama. With a safe hand.

— Vasa Pavković

The editor of this book is Prof. Mihajlo Pantić. The book has 143 pages, author’s illustrations / art works of the author. The circulation is small and you can order the book directly from me (with or without dedication).
Price of the book: 1000 din +ptt.