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    The influence of internet communities on communication-social processes – my PhD dissertation

    The influence of internet communities on communication-social processes in the networked environment.


    The structure and dynamics of online communities reveal, expand and transform the possibilities for social and business networking, by implementing the new technological solutions. Internet communities represent different web applications and social networking sites that in addition to social and media context, aim at the most important communication performance: the interaction. In this dissertation, the technological and organizational structure of the internet communities were explored, in addition to the description of communication processes, their structure and communication conventions. The aim is to present a typology of the internet communities in Serbia, by the content analysis, online surveys and semi-structured interviews as methods for the empirical research. The focus of this work is to explore the representation and use of the internet and web services, as well as the emergence of the internet communities and exploration of communication opportunities that new digital technologies provide in everyday communication and the academic community. In addition to a better understanding of global communication and participation of organizational systems and individuals from Serbia in a given process, this study aims to show the importance and inevitability of new digital communication technologies in everyday communication, in modern education and in science. By deploying theories of digital communications and sociology of web, as well as the empirical evidence – in the thesis attention will be paid to the possibilities of application of internet technologies in the area of higher education. Through the categories of new sociability and networked community, the processes of collaboration and interaction are explored, and communication possibilities in the internet communities in Serbia are tested.  New phenomena that emerge in the communication and collaboration practices in an advanced intelligent system, such is a higher education community, will be analysed and presented.


    Internet communities, social networks, communication processes, digital inequalities, usage of internet in higher education, digital divide


    Last week, I defended my doctorate, a five year old research in the form of dissertation on the Armistice Day (ironic coincidence or not) 11.11.2015. It included a dissertation talk, a defense at the Faculty of

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    Call For Papers: #Microposts2016 workshop @www2016ca

    As an Organising Committee Chair of the Microposts 2016 workshop at the 25th World Wide Web conference, I am inviting you to check out the  Call for papers and contribute with your expertise and research. The workshop is interdiscipinary and gathers academics and professionals from the Computational Sciences and Social/Web Science studies. Also, have in mind that we will have a best SocSci paper award. For more information, please visit this page.

    What are Microposts?

    Microposts – “information published on the Web that is small in size and requires minimal effort to publish” – remain a popular means for communicating information. Microposts include tweets (using plain text or with embedded links and objects); social network endorsement using Instagram hearts; check-ins via Facebook and Foursquare, pins on Pinterest; links to brief, pre-recorded and streaming video via Snapchat and Meerkat. Microblogging apps for the ubiquitous smartphone and other small, personal devices, which support capturing photos and short videos, allow these to accompany text or serve in themselves as the Micropost.

    #Microposts2016 will focus on topics including, but not exclusive to, the three areas below:

    MAKING SENSE/UNDERSTAND – focusing on the human in Micropost data generation and analysis, we encourage submissions that look at understanding how situation and context drive individual and

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    Camp “Christmas with Orphans” in Uganda

    image credit: ICAF
    image credit: ICAF

    My personal choices and professional interests are always focused on serving and helping others, especially vulnerable groups in our society. Now, I am happy to share with you the information about a Winter camp in Uganda being organised by the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), which is called “Christmas with Orphans”.

    Following the 5th World Children’s Festival, which occurred earlier this summer at The Ellipse next to The White House in Washington D.C. and building on the success of the ICAF Summer Camp in Washington DC, the ICAF “Christmas with Orphans” Camp will take place in Uganda and will run from December 20th through Dec 30th and is being presented in collaboration with the Uganda National Museum and the Ministry of Education.

    The camp provides a global educational opportunity for high school juniors, enabling them to gain an incredible, hands-on international service experience which will enhance their prospects of gaining admission to top universities and help them decide on the right career.

    Register today, because no more than 20 campers will be admitted.  Please share this information as well, as other parents you know may be interested.


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    Exciting new things ahead!

    dr summer 2015

    Hello everyone! I hope this message finds you feeling good.

    It’s September. Fall is finally here! I love fall and couldn’t wait for it after a long, hot summer (you could say that I’m a winter child). Today is the 9th birthday of this blog/website; it’s 9 years of mostly blogging (less in the past couple of years – I was overly occupied with research, writing, helping organisations). It depends how you perceive things, either the glass is half full or half empty, or always full. I’m looking forward to the cold and I welcome the chance at a fresh, new start.

    My summer was in a working mode, see the photo above, there’s no sight of the beach, palms, or the sea – I was a real busy bee, writing (in a local coffee shop, too), printing, taking photos, communicating ideas with friends, drawing/painting/water-colouring (do you like giraffes on the pic?), ordering books and more books I was/am reading, baking cookies as a lchp and glutten-free goddess, eating out (exploring new restaurants) & then installing fitness apps (I’m the queen of them, you should see how many of them I have installed and I’m currently using only one), decluttering my space and organising clothes thanks to Marie Kondo’s book, plus I had a long weekend in Budapest and had an amazing luxurious/spa time at Omorovicza.

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    the news of paper acceptance in New Media & Society!

    New_media_&_SocietyI have wonderful news to share! You may have noticed that just last week my colleague, Bernie, posted the exciting news we just received from New Media & Society editors, that our paper has been accepted. The paper, which I collaborated on with my esteemed colleagues; Bernie Hogan, from Oxford Internet Institute, and Danijela Lalic, from Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, will be published in New Media & Society which is the  #1 communication journal, as ranked by Google Scholar. We are honored and thrilled to be selected for inclusion in this extremely reputable and wide reaching publication. In the paper, we explored and presented an empirical evidence demonstrating different types of digital divides, with a focus on tensions surrounding digital literacy and collaboration, present in the higher education community in Serbia. An electronic version of the publication will be available soon. Keep an eye out for it, and let us know what you think!

    An update [July 7, 2015] You can access and read the NM&S article following this link.


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    The Microposts2015 programme at WWW2015 is published, please take a look at the main track paper and poster presentations and share it with those interested. For Social Sciences track, these papers were selected by our PC, after the conference they are published at CEUR – Online Proceedings for Scientific Workshops.

    See you soon in Florence, Italy.

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    100 Quotes by 100 Women about the Web

    As more and more people awaken to the threats against our basic rights online, we must start a debate – everywhere – about the web we want.- Sir Tim Berners-Lee

    Image source: https://webwewant.org/about_us
    Image source: https://webwewant.org/about_us

    Web We Want is a global movement to defend, claim and change the future of the Web. The focus is on using innovative approaches to build support for national and regional campaigns to create a world where everyone, everywhere is online and able to participate in a free flow of knowledge, ideas, collaboration and creativity over the open Web.

    One of the projects and campaigns around the world is 100 quotes from Women about the Web. Behind this campaign is Renata Avila, Global Manager for the Web We Want Initiative, collected the quotes, pointing out that “one must remember that both the Web and the Internet were designed by men and that still the 50% of the global population has a lot of ideas, new structures, architectures and innovation to contribute to each layer. And women in our space are really present and active and vocal.”

    You can read 100 quotes by women enagaged on the web, including yours truly. What is the web 100 women want?