i’m off to USA: scio09, IpScientia, misc.

In less than 24rhs I’m leaving old continent and heading to USA, East coast to have a great time, brainstorm, network, meet old and new folks at ScienceOnline09 conference/unconference/ where I’ll be giving a session and brainstorm with super-smart people, evangelizing open access, jogging the minds with Web issues. My route is very excited and interesting and if I grab a chance I may blog from the spot, edit conference wiki, but it’s very likely to catch me via my LifeStream and Twitter.

Science blog: IpScientia is launched as Serbian Science blog, and I am inviting you here to contribute and collaborate. If you have a blog that covers the topics in science, IT emerging technologies, popular science, education – contact us to add you within Blogroll network of blogs. Also, if you are using Twitter,  follow us at IpScientia.You can join our team and be a guest blogger, collaborate on IpScientia as blog author; use email form.

If you are Friendfeed user check/join the conference room, this is me at FriendFeed, more information on the way. If you are using Dopplr, you can certainly stop me for a tea at any EU/US airports, follow the schedule. Thanks to all donators for laptop cause, I will keep you post-it about my final action and decision. This and next week is full of travels, flights, meetings, and b-days (read: moi, w00t!). The later, as next week is my- oh- my, I’ve  managed to celebrate burfday on several spots in a single day, including both continents, airports, and who knows – expect unexpected. If you notice tall girl in a jeans &hoodie with PDA, mobile, books and magazines under the arm and a backpack, feel free to poke me (not superpoke accepted!).