Month: April 2008

Radiohead Against Human Trafficking – ‘All I Need’ Video Now!

Radiohead released today a video broadcasting globally, which aims to raise awareness of human trafficking. The lead singer, Thom Yorke, and his bandmates produced a music video together with MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) for “All I Need,” a song from their In Rainbows album. The video was filmed in Australia by Oscar-winning cinematographer John Seale and director Steve Rogers.

The United Nations’ International Labour Organization estimates that there are around 2.5 million people in the world who have been trafficked.

“They’ve produced a video of two parallel stories running, one of a little boy in the West and one of a little boy in a sweatshop in the East, and the boy [in the West] ends up buying the shoes from the sweatshop. It’s actually quite powerful,” Yorke said. “It’s the sort of images I have in my head anyway. Sometimes when you’re walking down High Street and you’re looking at the incredibly cheap [sneakers], you sort of think, ‘Hmmm, well how did they manage to make that so cheaply?’ It sort of reminds me of one of my preoccupations, so I’m touched that the music goes with that. I think it’s great.”

& once again Thom

“I think it’s important for everyone in the West or on High Street to understand the consequences of our economic activity. You must be aware of the level of exploitation that’s going on,” Yorke said. “It’s part of our Western life, and one we should accept responsibility for. There’s no such thing as a free lunch or a free ticket to another country.”

I hope this is just beginning of raising the awareness of this issue around the world and involving more people in the campaign against human trafficking.


UNESCO publishes a book on Open Access to Knowledge and Information in South Asia

UNESCO office in New Delhi, as a clearinghouse for dissemination and sharing of information and knowledge in all fields of UNESCO’s competence, published ebook Open Access to Knowledge and Information: Scholarly Literature and Digital Library Initiatives – the South Asian Scenario. I wrote earlier that some of the major edu. institutions started to practice free flow of information (some didn’t yet) by giving the open access to their repositories of electronic documents, realizing that locked archives are keeping their users, mostly academics, researchers, away from the source of knowledge and information. For global institution for Educational, Scientific and Cultural affairs – UNESCO, open access is “ an innovative mode of scholarly communication within the digital environment, which is gaining momentum in developed countries that already have necessary information infrastructure.” One of the conditions for information structure is developed information society, and the book presents successful open access initiatives in the South Asia sub-region, available in the forms of “open courseware, open access journals, metadata harvesting services, national-level open access repositories and institutional repositories.” It is good to know about South Asian initiatives and efforts in making the knowledge and information open! You can download this book here.

Recent Twitter mashup resources

What is Twitter doing today?

I know what we’ve been doing in the last few days, using new tools: Tweetscan -SE for Twitter posts in real-time and Twhirl, desktop client for Twitter that enables you to post from this platform to multiple micro-blogging services: Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce. You might be interested in the following mashups, tools, applications, resources that could facilitate your everyday twittering:

Quotably, makes conversations easier to follow.

TwitterLocal, another desktop Adobe Air application that lets you to view tweets in your area (city, state, post.code, range of miles and search)

Twixxer, enables you sharing photos and videos using Greasemonkey script.

TweetStats, you can graph your Twitter status by hour, month, timeline. Service is a bit slow, usually three people waiting before getting your stats, and you can get amused with proverbs on patience. ah.

GroupTweet, the concept reminds on google groups but this is micro twitter community made for sending private messages between you and specific group of your friends., short (12 sec.) video updates with your Twitter friends, for now in alpha version., web based service – Twitter and Jaiku at one page.

Twitsig, converts your tweets into images. Didn’t try this one.

Also, check out, via, the definitive list of the top Twitter clients and for Serbian readers there’s pioneering article (in Serbian) on micro blogging and Twitter can be read and seen in April ed.of PC press magazine.