i am not addicted to twitter…

…but I’d really like to receive Twitter updates on my mobile device as it was from year and a half ago when I could get sms directly to my mobile inbox: no browser, no applications, just plain and simple receiving text messages from the people I followed and sending directly from my mobile operator. I really miss Twitter with sms for a long time:

Sending updates to Twitter while you’re away from your computer makes things much more interesting. It’s all done through text messages (aka “SMS”), which you probably use all the time anyway, so there’s not much to learn.Twitter doesn’t charge anything for this, but be sure to know what your text plan looks like with your wireless carrier. If you use your mobile in Canada, The United States, or India you can also receive updates via SMS. You can text “OFF” to stop receiving and “ON” to start again.

Now the only information I have got when I tried to update with new mobile number was:

I am not Twitter addict but I’d really like to receive sms’s on my mobile device: is there a way for some European countries to make this come true? Through other services, e.g. Jaiku? What is your experience?

not addicted to twitter