is twitter changing your blogging habits?

Do you find yourself posting more than ten tweets per day? Do you spend more time on Twitter and other micro-blogging services and less blog reading? Your blog posts, because of the hectic life and time (!), became rare as snow in May? You find that your friends and colleagues rather read your Twitter timeline following every single tweet you send,  than your (ir)regular blog entries? If so, welcome to (sour) times where micro-blogging services are evolving and resembling the blogosphere. Do they?

People are spending more and more time on micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, Jaiku, Plurk, also using FriendFeed facility not only to share interesting and useful links with their friends and allies but to chat, report, promote, discuss, rant on different topics. I have three group of people I follow on Twitter: endless ‘chat’ in real-time for hours on the latest gadgets (during morning hours/working European time), afternoon twitterers (East Coast of US) on elections and economy, and late night West coasters on education syllabuses, everyday situations, rants. Technology, politics and education.

Are micro-blogging forms new web 2.5, web 3.0 ‘form’ of  IRC rooms, forums, discussion groups of instant interaction, a great medium for distributing immediate attention that pushed blogs on aside?  But then, blogs are still for me the greatest social networking place with possibility of interaction through comments (more than 140 characters) but also I couldn’t help to notice symptomatic blogging situation where people are following more twitters than RSS.  Since more people micro-blog, blogs themselves are becoming aggregates of tweet digests with referred content. Probably some of you got into this page as I’ve sent short tweet with tinyurl message about it.  It is up to you (your blogging behaviour) if you’ll comment here or send me @replies on Twitter or send likes emoticons on FriendFeed.  Are micro-blogging services changing dynamics of your blogging activities? If so, how? Comments welcomed!