Jaiku saved the game

Twitter has lot of hiccups these days, and I was wondering why all the folks use Twitter as (only) micro-blogging service when there’s plenty of them out there. These days I was giving away some invites for Jaiku, as I am Jaiku user since July 2007. Jaiku has  interesting history: it was founded in February 2006, based in Helsinki, Finland as micro-blogging , social-networking service. Then was launched in July same year and purchased by Google in October last year. Jaiku founders came up with the name Jaiku because the posts on Jaiku resemble Japanese haikus.

Jaiku’s main goal is to bring people closer together by enabling them to share their activity streams. An activity stream is a log of everyday things as they happen: your status messages, recommendations, events you’re attending, photos you’ve taken – anything you post directly to Jaiku or add using Web feeds.

One of the reasons I love Jaiku is there alive and kicking when Twitter is down: like this evening Twitter was blocked, according to some Twitterers, because of Euro Football Championship (Manchester United, again:) ), and while they were cursing the Twitter for the X time – some of the folks and I had phun at Jaiku.


Moi @ Jaiku.