i want you to get together: social thing, friendfeed

Everything live happening on the Internet with your friends, in all web sites you use, with interaction and posting utility from one social network to another, comes with livestream personal dashboard of socialthing. What I’ve noticed here is the lack of privacy, e.g. if you are protecting Twitter updates, even if you twit via social thing, they will appear in other social networks visible to all. For now, it’s private beta version and you need invite. Looks something like this:


On the other side friendfeed is more user-friendly and enables you to share numerous feeds with your friends. You can share updates with people you choose, protect your data, or you can choose to keep them in public, open for everyone. Lovely utility is commenting and discussion information and items among your friends. It’s free and open.



What will be the next interactive social feed (personal) directory?