pedagogical faultlines – post festum

Just came back from Netherlands where I’ve spent great, useful quality of time talking, discussing with colleagues and professionals from different backgrounds, participating, exchanging information, sharing information. They all have in common new concepts and ideas of learning, using new media tools, as well as exploring institutional and cultural issues. Waag Society hosted two day conference on alternatives in education with four major groups of topics that lecturers, presenters, and participants have been discussing during intense programme – download full programme here with abstracts.

Since my 60 min.session was interactive and I asked from my participants to be active, prior to the session I created wiki page (shareslides here :: open knowledge and education at the new level of the web paradigm), as well as ‘starting topic questionnaire’ at wiki (guidelines through an hour). Wiki is open, everyone can participate in discussion, post some of the works, slides, or documents, thoughts, examples, unfinished thoughts on and from the session.

[slideshare id=122709&doc=open-knowledge-and-education-danica-radovanovic3029&w=425]