digital culture/blogging autumn events

Trailer information and good news that soon all Serbian (and beyond) bloggers will gather at one place. Preliminary Blogowski announced gathering of the bloggers from Serbia and it should take place in Novi Sad, November 10th 2007. This would be the first bigger bloggers gathering with many interesting speakers and guests world wide. For more information – the official web site (it will be soon updated). Also if you are local or belong to Serbian blogosphere or write about it in any existing language, you can join group BlogOpen at Flickr. This would be great opportunity to talk about some current issues in Serbia on information society, e-communication infrastructure, the usage of the internet in education, as information tool for development and interaction in so called democratic society. Beside lectures on digital culture, communication, design, blogging, there will be workshops, and guests and visitors would have a chance to interact and exchange experience and talk about some problems. Interesting and rich autumn events are on the way. Beside the International Conference on Pedagogical Fautlines Amsterdam, and my session on open knowledge and education in digital era, later on the following event is the GA eIFL meeting in Belgrade.

Those who are in Amsterdam these days, let me know so we could meet as I am going to meet with my old friend Vesna, advanced course trainer and IT expert at Ripe, and remind ourselves of crazy the 90’s Belgradian days, as well as colleague IT wiz.and teacher Ad, from our European conference meetings. You can follow me via twitter these days or IM/email me if something important.

And yes, tomorrow’s Belgrade and Beyond blogoversary at WordPress platform (1st year @WP). You will be informed on some changes to another domain, as I am trying to make/find decent design solutions. Any suggestion, support is welcome! Thanks to all readers who are taking their time to read my posts- in the future expect interesting posts that cover a bit different topics and as always unexpected ones.