eIFL GA, cover story, cover letter, writing, jobs, macbook

Today I was asked to help in coordination, management, etc. for upcoming the 7th eIFL GA, later this year in Belgrade, as part-time manager in the Main Board? (I do not like labels). Anyway, I need to build for the start a info-web portal in English for KoBSON with all required data which is ok and minimum I can do, but what really bugs me is my old grandpa’ notebook and it is time for his retirement and I need new one. On eIFL I will write in some future posts with more details, if I do not disappear from this flurry of bits.

With tropic weather difficulties and poor equipment I managed somehow to send CV with cover letter (written for Pulitzer prize: ) to the same institution for three different job offers – thanks to Bora who send me the link. Since competition is on the world-wide level very big, we will see. Thanks H.R. for dopplr invitation. I can be seen more hanging around at the FB and from time to time twittering, but since the summer season and holidays are on the way, this doesn’t apply to me. I need holiday and to be in the nature as I have no break (I am the cruelest boss to myself, all day working).

I am hungry and I need Mac!