Blog Plagiarism – web infringement!

What happens when someone steals entire content of your blog, actually steals unauthorized mirror of the blog, and the thief injected Google ads on it, breaking intellectual property, copyrights, etc, plus profiting from this noncommercial blog?

This is something that happened to me and let this be loud shame for such an act. It is detected where the stealer comes from, as well as I reported abuse email on their host, and to the Google removals. Thanks to Mirko and to Darren, and here is what you should do if something similar happens to you :

First find out on WHOIS the stealer, report directly to their host, if they abused and/or add ad-sense and making profit of your intellectual property. Report to Google ad-sense support as well as to Google removals. Do not forget, in the case of web infringement to report and send by email or fax to Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Also, report to your friend, colleagues and readers on this, as I realise that my RSS is changed and many of readers decreased. By the way, in my case, when entire blog is copied (not article, but total plagiarism and legal infringement) the Copyscape tool is not working for me. This is direct exposing the thieves URL and you should know this, on today’s day (if it comes to removals).Do not click on their ad-sense.

Below is the photo I copied from their URL and blog plagiarism with ad-senses on the header. If any legal expert can help in my case, every comment, suggestion and direct help is welcomed.