KOOP in Belgrade! Yuppie!

I was coping, beside other things, with Serbian journalist (those who live in Serbia know the ‘story’) who interviewed me (or I corrected their mistakes in the preview) on web publishing, science blogs, etc., that I didn’t notice that one of my favourite Scandinavian music group is coming very, very soon to Belgrade. Hallelujah! I wrote about KOOP earlier last year, and some of the colleagues gave me the info and now I checked on the Internet. Really poor information pool in Serbian language, actually there is none of the information I could get but via Compost music records, that they will play at the old town fortress of Kalemegdan, that is (one version) , and the other at TBC (wherever and whatever it is). Compost records announced tour dates, and KOOP will play on 1st of June, 2007, at 20h. I believe it will be on open air concert at Kalemegdan, but if anybody find out the information, write it here. You can listen to Koop Island Blues  here or here.