Science blogging lecture

On 26.4.2007, Thursday afternoon, Ms Danica Radovanovic will hold the lecture on Science blogs, Dept.of Scientific Information also known as KoBSON – Serbian Consortia of e-resources, databases, and many more. Occasion is starting with the first Serbian science blog platform within eConsortia. I’ve started with it on WordPress beginning this year and I hope that this blog will grow into productive corporative science blog in the future. Also, they asked me to introduce scientists, information professionals, and some of the IT personnel into Science blogging, its content, as well as giving few good world Live web examples of Science blogs: both authors’ and community members oriented, in teaching, research, web activism, networking, interaction, science in general. A lot of good examples to present indeed. Some of the ideas and materials will post during and later on to seed wiki KoBSON page. Thanks and respect to Bora Zivkovic as giving me some of his science guidelines.