Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Indjija

Yes, you’ve read correctly: not India, but Indjija. Officialy and according to LastFM and other media, californian band Red Hot Chilli Peppers , are going to play on 26th of June, in southeastern Europe for the very first time. The concert will not be in Belgrade, Serbia (as it was expected) but in the place between Belgrade and Novi Sad, close to the small town of Indjija, 40 km north-western from Belgrade. From Mondo media, the quote:

The greatest American rock band at the moment, Red Hot Chili Peppers are finally coming to Serbia! According to Belgrade media, the Peppers will play near Inđija on 26th June.

The concert will be held on an open field, close to the [Belgrade-Budapest] highroad, so the expected amount of people, 50-60 000 could have enough place. As MONDO found out, on the location in the industrial zone of Inđija, fake grass will be set up on the field, to avoid any mud.

It is known that Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith like to play in unusual places they have not visited before, and since it’s been rumoured that their honorar for the show in Serbia would be 1 500 000 Euros, playing at the highway near Inđija won’t hurt them.